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We make it our mission to place all our efforts to always provide our valued customers
not only with the finest wines and wine accessories in Korea, but also to attempt at every
opportunity to meet the highest standards of service.
Exclusive Distributor in Korea of World Leading
Wine Brands

First, Cave de Vin is the exclusive distributor of world
leading brands such as Ridge Monte Bello, the top ranked
wine in World after May 24 th, 2006, which was the 30 th anniversary of the Judgement of Paris Expert winetasting
event where Californian wines out-ranked France’s Best
wines like Chateau Mouton Rothschild for the second time
in history. In addition, brands such as Louis Jadot, Penfolds
and Concha y Toro, etc., which Cave de Vin has exclusive distribution in Korea, have consistently every year won
awards in international wine competitions and received high ratings from world wine exports.

Expert wine handling from Shipping, Storage and Delivery to our Customers
Second, at Cave de Vin, from starting phase of Shipping our wines to Storage and finally
Delivery to our customers, we make sure our wines are always kept at optimum conditions
at all times. We use worldwide credited expert wine and beverage shippers to make sure
our wines are delivered to us in the top conditions. Using our temperature controlled
containers for shipping makes our wines have the credibility and standards that all fine
wines and accessories should have. Furthermore, at our own bonded-warehouses, and
main storage warehouses, we place all our efforts to maintain the best temperature and
humidity settings for our wines. Finally, we are the first wine importer in Korea to use
air-conditioned trucks for delivery, leading the market in guaranteeing that wines are always
delivered to customers at the proper conditions for maximum satisfaction. Therefore, we just
don’t say ‘Best Wine Merchant’, but act and show how Best Service can be provided to our
customers from the very start of shipping to the final phase delivery to our customer.
Presence in Four Major Department Store Main Branches

All in all, Cave de Vin is the only wine importer to have wine shops in the Main Branch of
all the Four Major Department Stores(In alphabetic order, Hyundai, Lotte, Shinsegae and
AK )in Korea. Top Department Stores stride to provide their customers with the
elite services and their choice of products is essential to their success. Cave de Vin wines
and wine accessories are not only the top range wines and wine accessories accredited by
world famous critics and experts but also, the are very core of excellence in providing
customer satisfaction, and thereby has lead to our presence in all Four Major Department
Stores’ Main Branch Stores.

Korean Market Leader by Providing Highest Standard Service

We at Cave de Vin, will go a step further by not waiting and being satisfied with current
performance. We will invest heavily and work hard to reach out in new ways whenever
possible to lead the Korean Wine Market by providing Excellence in providing the finest
wines and wine accessories.

Thank You.

A . K . Yoo
CEO & President,
Cave de Vin Co., Ltd.,
Dae Yoo International